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Still Here After All These Years,...

May 17, 2017


Hello Internet!


Spring brings with it a lot of changes and with it our brand new and improved website!


This blog is going to chronicle our experience as we walk boldly into the brave new world of social media. 


Heaven helps us. 


Here at Dutrow's Sales & Service, we've been reluctant to change. The good old days and the good old ways have served us well for over 50 years.  


Turn to face the Change.


But times are a changing and with it comes new technology, new products, and incredible new ways of doing things. 


Let me tell you it can all be pretty scary. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email; It all feels like it just showed up yesterday.


Truth is all of it has been around for awhile and businesses that refuse to grow and change with the times find themselves left behind. 


But some things, very important things, don't change.


Things like quality, commitment, value, and integrity. These things are the hallmarks of a good business; a business invested in the community. 


So we may scratch our heads when it comes to Tweets and Likes, we may still be learning about social media when all we want to do is turn wrenches and work on bikes, but when it comes to knowing what it takes to make and keep long lasting relationships in the community, we've got you covered. (WD40 and a Wix filter right?.... That fixes most things.)


We are proud of the last 50 years, but we are ever more excited for the next fifty. Thanks for supporting us and helping us serve you and this community.


If you like what we do here, please be sure to Like, Comment & Share our stuff on your favorite social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube - well Facebook anyway we're working setting up the rest - #socialmediaishard)


 Til next time work hard, play hard and ride safe. 


-Dutrow's Sales and Service Team






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